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Crypto Aero Horse Feed

Westerwald Equestrian is proud to announce we now sell Crypto Aero and Crypto Forage, a progressive horse feed that is non-GMO and made of whole food ingredients. 

Erika has all horses under her care on this feed, ranging from Ginger, Shetland pony, to Lord Luciano, Trakehner stallion. Metabolically, this is the difference between a Volt and a Camaro.

What allows this feed to work for such a wide metabolic range is the small amount of feed necessary to meet daily minimum nutrient requirements. Crypto Aero recommends a minimum feeding of 1 lb a day for horses and considers a 1/2 lb acceptable for small ponies for both feeds. Just for comparisons sake, Triple Crown Naturals recommends a minimum of 6 lbs a day to provide minimum recommended nutrient levels.

1 lb of Crypto Aero and Crypto Forage is approximately 2.5 cups.

Crypto Aero is a whole horse feed, meaning the only required supplementation is access to a good quality salt block and, of course, access to fresh water as well as forage, such as hay and grass.

The link to Crypto Aero's website is listed below, as well as the official Crypto Aero email address. Feel free to contact Crypto Aero or Erika Wolff with any questions.



Crypto Aero Contact:


Priced at $46 for a 50 lb bag of Crypto Aero, and $44 for a 40 lb bag of Crypto Forage. Tax included.

Feeding the minimum recommendation of 1 lb, this feed only costs $.92 a for Crypto Aero and $1.10 for Crypto Forage. 

Crypto Aero Ingredients: whole oats, timothy hay pellets, alfalfa hay pellets, sunflower seeds, green peas, yellow peas, rice bran oil, ground flax, rose hips, green cabbage, papaya, algae, organic yeast, anise, fenugreek.

Crypto Forage Ingredients: alfalfa hay pellets, timothy hay pellets, chopped mixed hay, rice bran oil, shelled sunflower seeds, black oil sunflower seeds, milled flax seed, green peas, yellow peas, papaya, rose hips, green cabbage, spirulina, brewer's dried yeast, anise, fenugreek.

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